@titouan check out his last six toots here - he was banned from Mastodon.cloud and is voluntarily quitting the Fediverse. Frankly, I can't blame him. mastodon.cloud/@wilw


@donblanco I'm actually tooting in response of those toots, but can we really say "voluntarily" ? I'm sure being banned from mastodon.cloud doesn't really have a welcoming vibe to the fediverse and make you want to stay around...

@titouan I'm sure he could have found an admin willing to put up with it, but yeah -

@donblanco probably, but what annoys me is not the fact that he was banned, I can totally understand the admin being "overwhelmed" by the report against wilw and the admin seems to have discussed the issue with wilw so that's okay for me. What annoys me is that their is 60+ reports being made every day and I don't see why, apart for not liking wilw, you would report him. And not liking him doesn't seem like a good reason to report him

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