@donblanco probably, but what annoys me is not the fact that he was banned, I can totally understand the admin being "overwhelmed" by the report against wilw and the admin seems to have discussed the issue with wilw so that's okay for me. What annoys me is that their is 60+ reports being made every day and I don't see why, apart for not liking wilw, you would report him. And not liking him doesn't seem like a good reason to report him

@donblanco I'm actually tooting in response of those toots, but can we really say "voluntarily" ? I'm sure being banned from mastodon.cloud doesn't really have a welcoming vibe to the fediverse and make you want to stay around...

@bnys I've learned about the block list thing earlier today and yeah it's a mess but he has stated that he is not anti-trans and I'm inclined to believe him, and for the rest I wasn't aware, I guess if he was using the report function for no good reason he should be "reprimanded" but this is just going too far in my opinion

@angristan Yeah, that make sense, probably to not receive spam ^^

@angristan @Sir_Boops `telegram_token` and `telegram_to` come from the fact that the telegram plugin is using the `TELEGRAM_TOKEN` and `TELEGRAM_TO` environment variables > github.com/appleboy/drone-tele and github.com/appleboy/drone-tele

@angristan @Sir_Boops Did you try `secrets: [ telegram_token, telegram_to ]` ?

@bnys I actually like the look of the ships in the trailer but I can't say the same thing about the characters

@wtwagg A little late to reply but the limit was raise to 40MB a few days ago

@jalcine @amongoose I should probably rewatch every episodes, just to be sure, it's been an long time since I last watched the show

@angristan Did you drop it on purpose? You know, to break it and have an excuse to buy a new phone with a better camera?

@amongoose @jalcine Do they actually watched an episode? I thought they just saw the trailer and where surprised to see how much private stuff the documentary crew filmed

@parasurv "Simple text returns statuses you have written, favourited, boosted, or have been mentioned in, as well as matching usernames, display names, and hashtags."
Basically full-text search only works on your toot, if you want to search stuff across instance you need to search using hashtag and your instance will return the toots it know of using that hashtag

@thor "Works on my machine" Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
You might have already tried but maybe reload without cache ? disconnect all accounts and reconnect ?

@thor Works "fine" on my laptop, just slow but nothing unusual since their new design I guess

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