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@sanspoint Yes I understand but you don't need the extension to do that

@sanspoint It might be, I'm also using HS but I don't have any crash. Why are you using the DuckDuckGo extension ?

@sanspoint Really ? I thought it got better, are you using it on mojave ?

@tom Put a tennis ball on the end and you've got a pretty bad ass cane

@IanJ This remind me I need to watch the first 2 episodes of the 4th season

@akropapy @KaamelBott Je suis en train d'essayer de faire des gifs potables pour les 2 premières saisons, on verra bien ce que ça donne

@TheDaughterOfTyr Not soon enough, they're working on it since a few months and it will be released next year IIRC

@ottona Not every year but the registration price is usually different from the renewal price, you can check here (change 'space' in the url by the tld you want to use)

@ottona I'm using, it's a french company and it's working fine for me

@bnys Yeah it's confirmed that CW will be on Disney's streaming service but we don't know when the service will be available (2019 is not really specific), I hope they announce that soon

@bnys Do we have any idea on when the new season will be released ?

@akropapy Y'a une différence entre la qualité des épisodes déjà disponible en 1080p et les blu-ray ?

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